Mostly German Old Used 45s #1

When I first scratched out top-of-my-head rough drafts of these reviewlets on the I Love Music Board below back in the late ’00s, I remember some cranky troll (ILM had plenty at the time, maybe still does) telling me to “get a blog.” Well, more than a decade hence, whoever that jerk was finally has his or her wishes. In brief explanation: For several years, Angry Samoan/ex-Vomster/turn-of-the-century teen pop expert/guy who named a genre “heavy metal”/certified public accountant/all-around generous guy Metal Mike Saunders mailed me huge annual care packages of both 45- and 33-rpm records he’d rejected after salvaging them from cheapo bins in used record stores or flea markets or whatever, often apparently while touring Europe. Much of said vinyl turned out to be fascinating and/or horrifying on multiple frequently cheeseball levels, as perusing the since-vaguely-polished writeups below should make all but too clear.

Chicory Tip
Rudolf Rock und die Schocker

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  1. via facebook

    I love resulting thoughts about Chicory Tip

    Chuck Eddy
    I’m just glad *somebody* does! (Not bad looking fellows, either.)

    Jaz Jacobi
    Best-dressed folks in rock ‘n’ roll!

    Nigel Richardson
    The singer out of Fox is the mother of the guy out of Goldfrapp, which should always be pointed out.


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