A Flock of Seagulls review, 1987

Rebuttal to rebuttals to the Wire review I posted yesterday, and the rare Village Voice review of a greatest hits album — i.e., a challenge by definition to rockism-so-called even if it wasn’t about a synth band with owl hairdos. Cartoon beneath it is a rebuttal to the rebuttal to the rebuttals. If Goodreads is to be believed, the John Crawford who invented Baboon Dooley went on to join the Army himself and write a best-selling memoir about his Iraq War experience. But pretty sure that was actually a different guy.


  1. “Respond to this post by replying above this line” okay: You’ve got me wanting to hear early Wire again; I hadn’t thought of them as being that influential, and come to think of it don’t think I heard Chairs Missing at all, must check it out. I liked  A Flock of Seagulls at the time—chorus of “I Ran” made me think of early solo Eno, whom I much missed. Opened Wire scan in new tab and magnified no prob, but had to download Flock and open with Windows Picture Gallery on this Win7, I guess 10 and Apple operating systems have something at least as handy. No sweat, just a little adjustment, skipped the Baboon Dooley eyesore tho. Was his whole career rebutting you? Rock on  d


  2. via facebook:

    Mike Freedberg
    Wow — they were in the Juve label ? On which Liz Torres (now a preacher !) had her only fully realized entire album ?
    I learn something useful every day

    Mike Freedberg
    From the way you describe them, they are an attempt at who Indochine actually were back then. (Canary Bay, Miss Paramount, Punishment Park, L’avventurier)

    Christine Indigo
    I remember you were a character in BD for a while. Mr. Eddy, horse jokes included.

    Chuck Eddy
    Feel like I only remember being in 2 or 3 strips — But who knows, maybe there were others that were never brought to my attention!

    Christine Indigo
    Chuck Eddy Maybe it was only a few strips. I don’t remember.

    John Ned
    Chuck Eddy I wonder what happened to BD John Crawford. The Iraqi vet seems to be someone else. And FoS was actually a pretty good live act.
    Chuck Eddy
    Christine Indigo I don’t remember either! You could be right.

    Phil Dellio
    I’m just incapable of passing up any and every opportunity to post this.

    Mike Freedberg
    I can’t even remember what Flock Of Seagulls sounded like.

    Mike Freedberg
    My vague recollection is that they were a veneer version of Duran Duran, as ineffectual as a sperm with no dna in it

    Tim Ellison
    I actually think they were…closer to Gary Numan than Duran Duran? I like them.

    Mike Freedberg
    As I wrote, I cannot recall what they sounded like. That’s how little impression they made in this here Joy Division / New Order fan

    Christine Indigo
    Mike Freedberg They tended to sound like whatever their producer sounded like.

    Steve Pick
    I co-wrote a Baboon Dooley once. I’m the only co-writer in his book. John Crawford used to be a sales guy for Dutch East and was always hilarious to talk with as I ordered crappy Homestead releases from him every week

    Chuck Eddy
    Any idea whatever became of him, Steve?

    Steve Pick
    Chuck Eddy No, I lost track of him when he left Dutch East. I know he kept doing the comic strip until the end of the 80s, at least. I would love to know more myself.

    Steve Pick
    As for A Flock of Seagulls, who I actually saw live in their heyday, they have a song “Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)” that is part of my contention that all songs are great if theyhave the word “photograph” in the title. (See also Ringo Starr and Def Leppard, with an honorary Paul Simon “Kodachrome” adjacent.)

    Chuck Eddy
    Hmm… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3rXdeOvhNE

    Steve Pick
    Chuck Eddy uh oh. Maybe the Law was repealed.

    Kelvin L Williams
    …I saw O’Seagulls at the Palladium in NYC, back when it was concert hall…remember it being a fine show…

    Lyndon Heiss
    That cartoon was good


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