Aretha Franklin and Swans review, 1987

Two double-albums ostensibly about the big guy or gal upstairs, both by artists I’ve mostly ignored over the eons (I’d say “respected” artists if another 23 years didn’t pass before Swans placed in Pazz & Jop) — Doubt I would’ve gotten away with this irreverent pairing anywhere but Creem. Now if only I didn’t insist on emitting so many “lotsa”s and “shoulda”s and gerunds with “g”s dropped at the end. What was that all about? Eesh.

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  1. via facebook:

    Tim Anderson
    While I may not agree with all your writings, I love reading them! Thanks for doing this. If you ever go down a “patreon” or “substack”route, count me in

    Chuck Eddy
    Thanks — I’ve been considering it! How long it’ll take before I’m motivated enough to figure out how is another question entirely.

    Chuck Eddy
    Also, fwiw, I may not agree with all my writings, either!

    Tim Anderson
    I figured. We all change.

    Edd Hurt
    You like “Pullin'” from “Spirit in the Dark,” Chuck? My favorite Atlantic Aretha track.

    Chuck Eddy
    Yeah, I actually like that album now.
    Edd Hurt
    her best work, I think. Altho “Young, Gifted and Black” is really good

    Sara Quell
    Don’t know either album but I consider ‘Being There’ as profoundly relevant to everything ever in its mersh way as are ‘Silent Running’ and the ‘Body Snatchers’ flicks, ‘Relating everything ever to City Parks Dept. job I once had’ being the genre generating the parameters


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