Canadian Content report, 1996

Since writing these condescending tidbits, I’ve become a moderate fan of both Bruce Cockburn’s and Chilliwack’s catalogs. Also own two April Wine LPs, and one by Trooper! (PS: Somehow when I switched to a different wordpress “theme”, the article turned microscopic. I’m aware of that. If you know how to fix it, please message me.)

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  1. via facebook:

    Sara Quell
    “Wayne County”, perfect. I like this track buried (Track 7) on their final + least successful album, where they invent everything that was good about Queensryche. Meanwhile on Muso Planet, their rotating cast of bassists and drummers rule Toronto, AFAIC they’re probably the only relevant individuals qualified to do so, and very soon they’re going to have to contend with local buzz about the last shredder in town, who’s supposedly named after a Starship song and is a Canucks fan. Hey Leaf Nation, “I’m not trapped here with you. You’re trapped here with me”

    Love To Love Q Bäbÿ

    Creedence Cascadian Pacific Railways Michigan Central Tunnel Funk Revival


    Gimme Your Molly Please

    Edd Hurt
    Crowbar, “Bad Manors,” a real good…Flamin Groovies? early Dave Edmunds album? I like their album with King Biscuit Boy, the Canadian Paul Butterfield (Biscuit Boy was good, did a record with Allen Toussaint).

    Sara Quell
    That Crowbar song wasn’t the worst ever but I just got a real strong Jesus-culty vibe, that and Rare Earth’s “I Just Want to Celebrate”. They’re just harmless Black Friday commercials now but the 70s in the sticks was another country


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