Pazz & Jop Product Reports, 2021

A post in progress, obviously — If things go right, I’ll update it every half-month or so. See also: 2020 and 2019.

Oink oink oink oink oink oink oink.


YEA: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs: Viscerals (Rocket Recordings ’20) 5; Gösta Berlings Saga: Konkret Music (InsideOutMusic ’20) 5; Churchwood: Plenty Wrong to Go Awry (Saustex Media ’20) 5; Molchat Doma: Monument (Sacred Bones ’20) 5; Pounder: Breaking the World (Shadow Kingdom) 3; Crack the Sky: Tribes (Carry On Music) 3; Lord Fowl: Glorious Babylon (Small Stone ’20) 3; Raven: Metal City (Steamhammer ’20) 3; Bloody Hammers: Songs of Unspeakable Terror (Napalm) 3; Witchtrap: Evil Strikes Again (Hells Headbangers ’20) 3.

NAY: Fractal Generator: Macrocosmos (Everlasting Spew) -1.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT — early March 2021

YEA: Requin Chagrin: Sémaphore (KMS Disques ’19) 7; The Barettas: All is Fair in Love and Rock & Roll (The Barettas) 5; Cabaret Voltaire: Shadow of Fear (Mute ’20) 5; Bohren & Der Club of Gore: Patchouli Blue (Ipecac ’20) 5; Lucidvox: We Are (Glitterbeat ’20) 3; Baby Queen: Medicine (Polydor EP ’20) 3; Sleaford Mods: Spare Ribs (Rough Trade) 3; Eisbrecher: Schicksalsmelodien (Metropolis ’20) 3; Miss Guilty: Busted (Miss Guilty EP ’19) 3; Róisín Murphy: Róisín Machine (Skint ’20) 2.

NAY: Rabies Babies: Rabies Babies (Damaged Goods EP ’20) -1; Everything Everything: Re-Animator (Everything Everything ’20) -1; Julien Baker: Little Oblivious (Matador) -2; Deli Girls: Boss (Deli Girls ’20) -2; Gang of Four: Anti Hero (Gill Music Ltd EP ’20) -2.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – late March 2021

YEA: Julius Hemphill: 1939-1995 – The Boyé Multi-National Crusade for Harmony (New World) 8; William Parker: Trencadis – A Selection From Migration of Silence Into and Out Of the Tone World (Centering) 8; Archie Shepp & Jason Moran: Let My People Go (Archieball) 7; Omar Sosa: An East African Journey (Ota) 7; Carlinhos Brown: Umbalista Verão – Au Vivo (Carlinhos Brown) 5; Various Artists: Allen Ginsberg’s The Fall of America – A Fiftieth Anniversary Musical Tribute (Ginsberg Recordings) 5; Various Artists: Toshio Hosokawa – Solo (Kairos) 5; Yoshie Ueno: Toshio Hosokawa – Works for Flute (Kairos) 3; Victor Gould: Thoughts Become Things (Blue Room ’19) 3; Bixiga 70: Sosseões Selo Sesc #5 (Tratore ’19) 3.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – early April 2021

YEA: Carly Pearce: 29 (Big Machine EP) 7; Willie Nelson: That’s Life (Legacy) 5; Miko Marks & the Resurrectors: Our Country (Redtone) 5; Jason Ringenberg: Rhinestoned (Courageous Chicken Entertainment) 5; Diamond Dixie: Growing Wings (Diamond Dixie) 5; Melissa Carper: Daddy’s Country Gold (Mae Music) 3; Peter Stampfel: 20th Century in 100 Songs (Louisiana Red Hot) 3; Blanco Brown: Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs (Broken Bow ’19) 3; Charley Crockett: 10 For Slim — Sings James Hand (Son of Davy) 3; James Steinle: Cold German Mornings (Shotgun House ’20) 3.

NAY: Midland: The Sonic Ranch (Big Machine) -1; Callista Clark: Real to Me (Big Machine EP) -1; Brittney Spencer: Compassion (Common Exchange EP ’20) -1; Veronica Lewis: You Ain’t Unlucky (Blue Heart) -1; Hege Brynildsen: Blue Birds Black Knights (WM Sweden) -1.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – late April 2021

YEA: The Airport 77s: Rotation (The Airport 77s EP) 7; Suzi Quatro: The Devil in Me (Steamhammer) 5; The Hold Steady: Open Door Policy (Positive Jams) 5; 3hattrio: Lost Sessions (Okehdokee) 3; Heathen Apostles: Prayers Before the Plague (Ratchet Blade EP ’20) 3; Rye Mountain Revelry: Rye Mountain Revelry (Rye Mountain Revelry EP ’19) 3; The Stone Coyotes: Hit the Ground Running (Red Cat EP ’19) 3; Lake Street Dive: Obviously (Nonesuch) 3; Various Artists: A Fistful More of Rock & Roll Vol. 3 (Screaming Cow ’20) 2; Alice Cooper: Detroit Stories (Earmusic) 2.

NAY: Fruit Bats: The Pet Parade (Merge) -1; Tramp for the Lord: Black Cows and Slo Pokes (Tramp for the Lord EP ’19) -1.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – early May 2021

YEA: Cave of Swimmers: Aurora (Bloomtune) 7; Lunar Shadow: Wish to Leave (Cruz Del Sur) 7; Herzel: Le Dernier Rempart (Gates of Hell) 7; Hot Breath: Rubbery Lips (The Sign) 5; Haunt: Beautiful Distraction (Iron Grip) 5; Wheel: Preserved in Time (Cruz Del Sur) 5; Acid Mammoth: Caravan (Heavy Psych Sounds) 5; Yellowtooth: The Burning Illusion (Orchestrated Misery) 5; Ewigkeit: XXIII (Death to Music Productions EP ’20) 3; Ewigkeit: Depopulate (Death to Music Productions EP) 2.

NAY: Conan: Live at Freak Valley (Napalm) -1.


YEA: Various: Ballerman Megamix 2021 (More Music) 7; Various: Wellerman Präsentiert: Drunken Sailor Sea Shanty Sauf Und Party Hits (Update-Media-Group) 7; Venus VNR: Idéal Turfu (Etic System EP) 5; NiziU: Take a Picture/Poppin’ Shakin’ (Sony EP) 3; Various: Aprés Ski Hits 2019 (Universal Vertrieb ’18) 3; Aly & AJ: A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun (Aly & AJ) 3; Itzy: Gue?? Who (JYO Entertainment EP) 3; Lil Cherry: Chef Talk (Artra EP ’20) 3; The Notwist: Vertigo Days (Morr Music) 2; Elliphant: Rocking Horse (Elliphant) 2.

NAY: Diamante: American Dream (Anti-Heroine) -1; Tate McRae: Too Young to Be Sad (RCA EP) -1; Cakeboy: Hard Offer (Sony EP) -1; Sara Bug: Sara Bug (Egghunt EP) -2.

Little Africa aren’t so little!

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT — early June 2021

YEA: Fire in Little Africa: Fire in Little Africa (Motown) 7; Passalacqua: Passalacqua (Passalacqua) 5; Charmaine: Hood Avant-Garde (WM Canada EP) 5; Qwazaar + Batsauce: Stoned Giant (Full Plate EP) 5; Skipp Whitman/Animal Milk: Struggle Raps (Whitman Industries EP ’20) 5; YelaWolf x DJ Paul: Slumafia (Slumarican) 5; R.A.P. Ferreira/Scallops Hotel: Bob’s Son (Ruby Yacht) 3; Team Dynamite: Respect the Process (Team Dynamite) 3; Cadence Weapon: Parallel World (Cadence Weapon EP) 3; Madlib: Sound Ancestors (Madlib Invasion) 3.

NAY: Morray: Street Sermons (Pick Six) -1; K1ng Eljay: Writing Prompts III (RDFND EP ’20).

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT — late June 2021

YEA: Sons of Kemet: Black to the Future (Impulse!) 8; Anthony Joseph: The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running For Their Lives (Heavenly Sweetness) 8; Skyzoo: All the Brilliant Things (Mello Music Group) 7; James Brandon Lewis: Jessup Wagon (Tao Forms) 7; Vijay Iyer/Linda May Han Oh/Tyshawn Sorey: Uneasy (ECM) 7; Alfa Mist: Bring Backs (Anti/Epitaph) 7; Toumani Diabaté and the London Symphony Orchestra: Kôrôlén (World Circuit) 7; Rebecca Saunders: Musica Viva #35 (BR-Klassik ’20) 7; Vincent Herring: Preaching to the Choir (Smoke Sessions) 5; Genesis Owusu: Smiling With No Teeth (House Anxiety/Ourness) 5.

NAY: Georgia Anne Muldrow: VWETO III (Fourseen Entertainment) -1; The Lasso: 2121 (Mello Music Group) -1; Ebhoni: X (Harvest EP) -1; Lava La Rue: Butter-Fly (Marathon Artists EP) -1.

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT — early July 2021

YEA: Gary Allan: Ruthless (EMI Nashville) 7; Walker Hayes: Country Stuff (Monument EP) 7; Olivia Ellen Lloyd: Loose Cannon (Brooklyn Basement) 5; Jack Ingram/Miranda Lambert/Jon Randall: The Marfa Tapes (Vanner/RCA Nashville) 5; Priscilla Block: Priscilla Block (Mercury Nashville EP) 5; Hayden Joseph: The Only One Who’s Prayin’ (Loud & Proud ’20) 5; Eric Church: Heart & Soul (EMI Nashville) 5; Various: The Ice Road (Big Machine) 5; Laura Bell Bundy: Women of Tomorrow (ONErpm) 5; Keith Urban: Speeding Ticket (UMG Recordings EP ’20) 5.

NAY: Jason Charles Miller: From the Wreckage, Pt. 1 (Haunted Mill EP) -1; KC Jones: Queen of the In Between (Free Dirt) -1; Bhi Bhiman: Substitute Preacher II (Boocoo EP) -1; Son of the Velvet Rat: Solitary Company (Fluff and Gravy) -2.

Cephalopod rockers Squid, washed ashore. Watch out for the ink!

PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – late July 2021

YEA: Squid: Bright Green Field (Warp) 7; Die Krupps: Songs From the Dark Side of Heaven (SPV/Cleopatra/Oblivion) 7; Black Midi: Cavalcade (Rough Trade) 5; Black Country New Road: For the First Time (Ninja Tune UK) 5; Roger Chapman: Life in the Pond (Ruf Germany) 5; The Scientists: Negativity (In The Red) 5; Cheap Trick: In Another World (BMG) 5; Der Plan: Les Fanuks – Save Your Software!! (Bureau B Germany) 5; :Wumpscut:: Fledermavs 303 (Metropolis) 5; Måneskin: Teatro D’ira – Vol. 1 (Sony/RCA Italy) 5.

NAY: Joywave: Every Window is a Mirror (Cultco EP) -1; Hey Violet: Problems (Ultraviolet EP) -1; Bo Burnham: Inside [The Songs] (Imperial Distribution) -1; Dirty Honey: Dirty Honey (Dirt) -1; Sons of Raphael: Full-Throated Messianic Homage (Because UK) -1.

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    Marty Lederman
    Chuck Eddy When (what) was your most recent “10”?

    Chuck Eddy
    At least since I started posting these, I don’t think I’ve had any.


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