Family Values tour review, 1998

Concert reviews are, more often than not, the dullest subspecies of music writing — It’s just really hard to deviate from the reportage formula (and if I remember right, Spin editors at the time were really into Journalism 101 concepts like “nut graphs” — an almost guaranteed shortcut to killing prose.) Even back in the days when I still could motivate myself to go see live music (in basketball stadiums no less), I tended to avoid them. Still, I managed to write a handful I’m halfway proud of. This one’s not awful, though it leaves out one odd bit of trivia: The only framed Gold Record plaque I’ve ever been sent is one for Rammstein’s 1997 album Sehnsucht, presumably because I gave it a complimentary if amused Rolling Stone review before it caught on in the States.

Spin, 1988

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  1. via facebook:

    Nate Patrin
    Chuck Eddy man could I use that review now that nu-metal’s undergoing a big “this was the real working-class music that understood how fucked The Youth were” dirtbag left nostalgia-renaissance.

    Chuck Eddy
    Ungggh….Really?? So glad I’m out of that particular loop. Rappers admitting they’re inspired by sub-Offspring pop punk is bad enough.
    Nate Patrin
    I mean I’m positive there’s got to be some bright-eyed twentysomething artists all “yeah, I was really influenced by Stereolab and Broadcast” or a zoomer hip-hop producer who got his head turned around by the Orbital/Prodigy/Chemical Brothers soundtrac… See More

    Nate Patrin
    (insert yr own preferred outlier/underrated/niche artists where applicable)


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