Tom T. Hall review, 1988

Probably the longest piece I wrote about any country artist before I even turned 30, if not ever — Or maybe it just looks long because the Boston Phoenix was so completely fearless when it came to jump pages: Hey, here’s an inch and a half of white space, let’s squeeze in part of that boring Eddy review there where nobody will ever think to look for it! As for T., I hope I did him proud — the guy deserves it. A slightly more generous career retrospective called The Definitive Collection (24 songs to Essential‘s 20) came out on CD in 2006; I still own them both, but the second half of the later collection leans too heavy on late-career mush, so the vinyl’s still my clear choice (those liner note testimonials I mention are priceless), even if the cover painting goes way too far in attempting to confirm some old Creemer’s claim that his head’s shaped like a football.

Boston Phoenix, 30 Sep. 1988

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