Lou Christie review, 1988

Not that I ever do Twitter Advanced Searches for my name or anything, but if you do, you will almost inevitably encounter a brief excerpt of the below fleeting third-of-a-century-old review of more-than-half-century-old music, which review as far as I know has never appeared on the Internet in its entirety until this very minute. The tweet apparently originates from whatever country the characters “愛のアメリカ” mean something. (China, I guess? But I don’t know, and Google Translate is no help.) Anyway, I have no idea why. The thing shows up regularly, too! Creepy, huh? Some Twitterbot out there must just really like Lou Christie a lot. A mystery of modern life, for sure.

Hey Lou, take a walk on the wild side.

Boston Phoenix, 29 March 1988


  1. via facebook:

    Jaz Jacobi
    Chuck Eddy I’m always surprised how few mentions are made of the problematic date-rapey lyric of “Lightnin’ Strikes” amidst its eternally sock-hop-nostalgic familiar presence on “good time oldies!” radio formats

    Chuck Eddy
    Right?? Obviously, it was obvious to me at least 33 years ago. Has anybody else even written about it (or even him, beyond I dunno oldies fanzines)?

    Jaz Jacobi
    I’ve always been conflicted about whether the song is at least somewhat self-condemning in this area, rather than endorsing such actions as “proper”; it certainly seems rather frantic and wound-up about its scenario, at least in alternating verses within its manic-depressive sort of structure.


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