Shania Twain single review, 1995

Well, sort of a Shania Twain single review. Ostensibly. In Phil Dellio’s Top 40-oriented fanzine Radio On, see, you could write pretty much anything and call it a review, and doubt I ever stretched the definition farther. Also maybe among the more embarrassing things I’ve written. Names redacted for privacy’s sake, just like in its sister piece, which can you can read here. Clearly a transition phase in my life — Let’s leave it at that.


  1. This might be the first journalistic exploration of the “Friendzone” long before that was even a thing, and thus your most important piece of writing ever.


  2. via facebook:

    Graham Ashmore
    Chuck Eddy The Abstracts were important for me in those years, too.

    Graham Ashmore
    (Not my takeaway from this piece, I should add; just wanted to mention it.)

    Chuck Eddy
    Oh okay. Anyway, a major Phil Dellio Radio On reference point for sure.


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