White Town and Savage Garden review, 1997

Jyoti Mishra could still never be your woman.

The biggest hit by one of these two synth-pop acts got played at my older daughter’s wedding reception a few years back, but it wasn’t by the act whose biggest hit gets played at most weddings. Fairly certain it segued out of the Raincoats’ gender-confounding version of “Lola.” My doing, probably. The smudges below are also probably my doing, so here’s what you’re missing. Second paragraph: “Since when do synth dandies shun fashion, for crissakes?” Third paragraph: “Still, between seesawing Celtic cello-string upswings and catchy clink-clanking blips…” Later in the third paragraph: “…despite one pearl of male insecurity: ‘Is it me or him that you’re screwing? Sensitive boys don’t just want into your jeans, they expect you to tell them why!” Last sentence: “But of course a Buggle said it best: ‘We can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far’.” Still can’t.

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  1. via facebook:

    Jaz Jacobi
    White Town, like My Morning Jacket in some odd way, always appeared on the micro-micro-indie label comps I was buying in the mid-’90s, largely associated with musicians who used “twee” not as a pejorative, and are among the very few acts to break out of such obscure circles and elicit more than a “Who???” shrug when I namedrop ’em to this day

    Adam Sobolak
    Basically, White Town is what circa 1966-7 Donovan would have sounded like circa 1996-7.


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