Panel: Creem and the Origins of Rock Writing

So, here’s a link to a panel I was on this weekend, with Brad Tolinski, Jaan Uhelszki and Susan Whitall. Not-so-good lighting. And I forgot to stand up so everybody could see my Toledo Mud Hens T-shirt.

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  1. via facebook:

    Phil Dellio
    Goddamn it–I got the order wrong, I thought the 1:30 one I’m waiting for was first. Your link above works, thankfully.

    Barry Walters
    I just sat down to get ready to watch this live and realized it took place 8AM my time. CREEM still hates Cali!

    Steve Crawford
    Really good conversation. Well worth watching.

    Jaz Jacobi
    I was excited to see Chuck’s LITTLE NEMO book in the background!

    Chuck Eddy
    Actually, that’s Lalena’s LITTLE NEMO book!

    Jaz Jacobi
    I suspected as much! 🙂

    Jaz Jacobi
    I only have the second volume; I saw that one in person only once, in a bookstore we visited during our honeymoon

    David Cantwell
    Great work, Chuck!

    Alexander Shashko
    You were great Chuck. You really understood what we were trying to accomplish with the conference, contextualizing Marsh’s work within the broader history of music criticism. You explained what populism does and doesn’t mean so well. Thanks so much for participating.

    Chuck Eddy
    Thanks Alexander — Glad to hear that detour into populism wasn’t entirely incoherent. I meant to refer to skepticism about coastal bohemias, but didn’t quite find the right words.

    Alexander Shashko
    Chuck Eddy You got your message across.

    Brian O’Neill
    Thanks for the link. I registered for it but worked at 10 PM last night and didn’t get to sleep until 7:30 AM and just couldn’t wake up for it.

    Sang Freud
    watched it live and i recommend it to others. i think it painted a better picture of creem magazine than the documentary did. chuck you came across well. thanks for bringing up the amazing creem letter column, and the humor in the writing.

    Clifford Ocheltree
    I’m always fascinated by pre-’68 music writing. The mention of Lillian Roxon and your comment about ‘Blues People’ set my mind wandering. Who did the ‘early’ rock writer’s read on music? Not so much a question of quality but one of information. Charles Keil (only a few years younger than LR)? Sam Charters (only a few years older)? Heck, Philip Larkin?


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