Sonic Taxonomy: 21st Century Teen-Pop Soundtracks

This recurring Spin column, devoted every month to a different genre as its genres grew increasingly super-specific with time, was initially called “Essentials” when it ran in the physical magazine. But so little space was allotted for it then that I was rarely if ever able to fit my voice in; the columns felt squeezed and stifled, though I hope they were at least halfway informative. But when the then-renamed column was shifted to web-only (as the entire magazine eventually was), I was allowed to stretch out. Seems to me this made the columns more fun, thoughtful, interesting — and self-indulgent, I’m sure some killjoys would say. “Fake New Wave,” “Unsung ’80s R&B Bands” and “Old Old Old School Rap Albums” Sonic Taxonomies can be found in my fourth book; one called “We Are Also the Robots” can be found here.

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