Loud Rock EPs reviews, 1986

A regular column for Creem‘s monthly metal magazine — ostensibly “metal” “singles,” though these are all EPs, mostly by noisy post-hardcore indie art bands that might theoretically appeal to some extremely open-minded metal fan of my imagination. Kind of doubt any other metal mag on the racks was stretching the genre’s definition this far in the mid ’80s. Eventually I expanded the column to include “underground” albums as well, rebranding it “Selectric Funeral.”

The only thing I remember about the K-Martians is that one member was a guy named Walt Turowski, who I’d briefly known personally years earlier, when we both wrote for the Varsity News at University of Detroit, where he was also a member of an all-student trio called Lobsters Gorilla. I’m sad to learn that he died, with no warning, in 2014.

Creem Metal, 1986

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