What is New Wave??

And now, something completely ridiculous for the time capsule: Written in straight grey pseudo-objective journalismese, an attempt to explain to squaresville suburban Detroit weekly newspaper readers what exactly is this new wave punk rock stuff they keep hearing about. Some of the predictions are pretty amusing: “no new wave band will ever achieve the mass popularity of a Bob Seger or a Billy Joel” (tell that to Mr. Gordon Sumner and Ms. Deborah Harry and their bands for starters); “some radical people might have a revival of long hair and psychedelic music” (so many examples!); “by the end of the year people will be tired of guys like me with short hair and skinny ties jumping around on stage.” Also, I can’t tell whether I thought ? and the Mysterians were part of the British Invasion. And I’m impressed that rockabilly revivers the Kingbees of fleeting “My Mistake” fame, whose album only reached #160 nationally, could hit the top 10 at some record store up in the northern Oakland County, Michigan boondocks.

Spinal Column, 1980

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  1. via facebook:

    Jaz Jacobi
    This might be a useful message from the actual era for a new wave retrospective I will get around to writing someday

    Jaz Jacobi
    I suspect the “Mysterians as British Invaders” confusion might be due to a misplaced closing-quotation-mark? [Doubly ironic when discussing a singer NAMED after punctuation!]

    Chuck Eddy
    Yeah, my editor (doubt we had copy-editors) was off his game there.


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