A Bubblegum Top 40

Reprinted in the 2001 Kim Cooper and David Smay-edited anthology Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth; possibly excerpted and/or cannibalized in scores of things I’ve written since. But this is how the original version looked on the page. A year later or decades later — after Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, the Spice Girls, Radio Disney, Aqua, *Nsync, K-Pop — there’s no way I could’ve kept the list so concise.

Creem, 1987

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  1. via facebook:

    Jaz Jacobi
    Chuck Eddy Not only do I remember it fondly, it A] was the very first writing by you I remember seeing in my tender youth, and B] this was a rather deep influence on warping my opinions on canonical definitions of “cool” vs. “teenybop” as that young age. I didn’t even *own* this CREEM, I just looked at it on the magazine rack and put it back [no money then!], but it did haunt my thinking…

    Jaz Jacobi
    Chief memory of having read this in high school days: I remember telling this girl who relentlessly bullied me in 8th grade, but who we now had enough friends in common that she had to silently ignore me in disgust, that her frequent T-shirt stars the … See More

    Jaz Jacobi
    I’ve had a longtime goal of making a mix CDs [or two CDs, I guess] of this top 40, but that Naif Orchestra track still eludes me decades later!


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