G.G. Allin review, 1987

Cut yerself shaving, big guy?

Snark, pure and simple (okay, paired with a pinch of one-upmanship I suppose), prodded by my annoyance of at an early example of the tiresome hipster schtick of pretending to like (or actually liking, who cares) music by a mentally ill person — in this case, a presumably dangerous and smelly one. In retrospect, I do wonder whether his music was really all that much worse than, say, Antiseen‘s or Rancid Vat’s (to name two Stairway to Hell residents who may well have been somehow associated with him at some point or other.) No plans to check though. And have never been remotely convinced I missed out on anything by not seeing him on stage before his June 1993 kicking of the bucket (via heroin overdose — how anticlimactic!)

Village Voice, 9 June 1987

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  1. via facebook:

    Steven Rubio
    I saw GG in concert. I have no excuse.

    John Ned
    overrated, overhyped freak show. Good call.

    Sara Quell
    I saw him and have to admit that 5 (? prob. less) songs in approx. 11m is the perfect set length for a punk show, not that there needs to be any more of those after that one, especially as the opening band was even nuttier

    John Ned
    Sara Quell gawd who was the opening band?

    Sara Quell
    John Ned Article doesn’t really get across how berserk they were, I recall they got in some shit for the show I saw because somebody complained to the cops a WEEK later

    John Ned
    Sara Quell maybe it took awhile to get over the trauma of that show. I’ve been looking up and looking/listening to clips after reading the article. Definitely sounds like she could be every bit as confrontational as GG. And probably didn’t take any shit from him- or anyone else.

    Nate Patrin
    fell over at the parenthetical “(some guy named Gerard Cosloy)”


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