It’s Not The Heat

Confession: I am not always the most observant person around. Somehow it took me [however many years I’ve been alive] to notice that refrigerator crisper drawers have something called a (apparently manual) “humidity control” switch. Even though, at least ever since I moved into this house six years ago, it’s been staring me right in the face every time I opened the fridge door (which must be, what, something like 44,000 times?) What I don’t get though is whether the “low” setting means “low humidity” or “low control of humidity.” Maybe I should google it.

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  1. via facebook:

    Sara Quell
    I haven’t used the oven since I moved in because in Canada we have this fucking bullshit system of having half of everything in metric and the other half in USian so when a pizza box says ‘350 degrees’ IDK what temperature scale they’re using (don’t kn… See More

    David Williams
    Sara Quell 350 is probably F, that’s like 165 C

    Jaz Jacobi
    Sara Quell All I know is, when I was in school in the early ’80s, they assumed the U.S. was about to go metric any year now so they taught us all about centimeters and liters and such, and to this day I still can’t figure out the ounces and quarts and pints that we seem to be stuck with for good.

    David Williams
    Good thing any smart phone will convert for you using a voice command!

    Sara Quell
    David Williams Nah, I’ll stick to Wendy’s. Advanced math is for White Castle

    Sara Quell
    Jaz Jacobi I remember the ‘speed’ one (“20=30! 50=80!”). I think Celsius is crap tho, just not precise enough. Like, the difference between 22 and 24 is sufficient for a change of clothing. Also, there’s ‘tonnes’ of cinematic, evocative songs that use ‘miles’ while the only ‘klick’ tracks I can think of are Bowie’s “Always Crashing In The Same Car” (recorded in Europe) and aforementioned commercial

    Jaz Jacobi
    Sara Quell I’m a graphic designer, so at some point I found that centimeters being divisible by tens was vastly easier to measure spacial distances than either sixteeths-of-an-inch or the dreaded “picas,” which pretty much are centimeters but with 12 sub-measurements rather than 10.

    Sara Quell
    Jaz Jacobi My thermostat! I live in Toronto, not Yemen
    [66° at 9:25 AM[


    Edd Hurt
    Low and high humidity. Low for avocados, high for lettuce.

    Chuck Eddy
    What about both? (Actually, we have “baby spring mix” — mainly spinach — for our primary salad green, but I’m guessing the concept is similar. What I don’t get is why mung been sprouts always go soggy after two days.)

    Edd Hurt
    sprouts seem to do best in low humidity, dried thoroughly before being stored in a sealed.plastic bag.

    Jake Alrich


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