Algorithms! The Wave of the Future!

Someday, everybody will have one!

Recently stumbled upon a 1980-’84 archive I had no idea existed for the Missourian, Columbia, Missouri’s daily paper staffed exclusively by University of Missouri journalism students (and professors, who as I recall did the editing.) The piece below is written in what the people teaching us called Wall Street Journal-style: Specific example into general trend, back to the same specific example at the end. You know it’s a trend, because there’s at least three examples total! Biggest surprise: several of my pieces — mainly business-oriented ones, as far as I could discern — used the byline below. I have no idea why.

Columbia Missourian, 12 July 1981

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  1. Charles J. Eddy: J. for Joint? Algorithms can’t be good if managers forget to put in “I’ll be out of town that day” no matter how much advance notice you give, alas!


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