Choking The Chicken

My Exciting Saturday: Brought home 2 rotisserie chickens from H.E.B, and in the process of taking them apart, decided to break off a succulent little piece and pop it into my mouth. Except turns out it wasn’t so little. Lodged in my throat, and wouldn’t wash down with a glass of water like the hundred times that’s happened before — in fact it sort of created a dam in there — so Lalena tried the Heimlich, which didn’t help. So then she called 911, and when the EMS guys arrived they said if I kept trying to cough up the chicken I risked permanently damaging my esophagus. They offered to take me to into emergency; we decided Lalena driving would be cheaper. After 3 hours there (and some no-fun effervescent granules called “EZ Gas,” which didn’t work), they put me under a general anesthetic, performed an endoscopy, and somehow fished the obstruction out. Really scary, but I’m ok now, give or take whatever our high-deductible insurance doesn’t cover. Apparently my daily allergy inhaler prescription was also partly at fault. But mainly this is my reminder for everybody to cut up their food in tiny pieces, and chew it before swallowing like I guess I don’t do as much as I should.

Facebook, 16 November 2014

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  1. via facebook:

    Kevin Bozelka
    Yikes. That’s harrowing. I’m glad you’re okay. But it’s awful that you have to think of financial matters in life or death situations. Been there myself. 🙁

    Chuck Eddy
    Hey, honestly, I was also thinking of the EMS guys dragging mud in! But I’m weird that way.

    Harley Judd Spiller
    ouch – glad you are ok – stick to ‘dilloes – they are less bony than bird!

    Deborah Frost
    Glad your endoscopy was more successful than Joan Rivers’.

    Thomas Inskeep
    So glad you’re okay. Clearly, Teena Marie is watching over you.

    Phil Dellio
    Holy cow. Very glad you didn’t join Sam Cooke, Keth Relf, and Johnny Ace in the Bizarre Rock and Roll Death HOF. (Sorry–wouldn’t even consider that joke if you weren’t up and about and posting on Facebook.)

    Eric Weisbard
    See what you get for hating on Cibo Matto all these years? They were trying to warn you, you got to know your chicken!

    Thomas Inskeep
    Aaaaaand today’s winner of the internet is Eric Weisbard.

    Brian O’Neill
    Since you’re okay I feel it necessary to remind you that you’re supposed to choke your chicken, not the other way around!

    Ryan Durney
    We buy those dang chickens all the time (Lemon Pepper, baby!).
    And I steal bites all the time (I call it carving tax).
    But now I know they are trying to kill me. This was almost a funny post, but when insurance deductibles get mentioned…man. Glad you are alright.

    Chuck Eddy
    We only get the Original ones, Ryan — in the blue packaging. Go through almost 3 a week. Though after the gastroenterologist wrote “NO CHICKEN!!!” on my discharge form, that may change now.

    Mike Hudson
    Jaysus Christ Chuck … Be careful out there!

    Effie Phillips-Staley
    OMG!! I’m glad you’re ok! What does the inhaler have to do with it?!

    Chuck Eddy
    It’s Fluticasone, more or less the generic version of Flonaz or Nasacort I think– I’ve been using it for a few years now, and it’s basically the only thing that’s ever managed to control my pollen/mold /cat dander/cedar /whatnot allergies without messing with my head or sleep patterns. Anyway, they’re saying longterm use can cause esophageal swelling, though I’m not seeing that listed among side effects on the pamphlet I’ve got. And actually, I had periodic (though never this scary) swallowing problems *before* I started using it (and actually until yesterday they’d seemed much improved since I moved to Austin.) So who knows.

    Chad McCracken
    You had me at “rotisserie chickens from H.E.B.” . . . dangerous, yes, but then, who among us can resist their allure?

    Julie Eddy Raupp
    Oh my GOODNESS. So very glad you are OK! On the periodic swallowing problem, Dad/Uncle John had difficulties with swallowing, could have just been an elderly thing but maybe there is a little Eddy genetics besides the allergy medication side effect. I also have difficulties swallowing at times, certainly from pieces that are too large and my lack of chewing but given Dad’s similar trait, I have wondered if it is a hereditary thing. I do remember dad cutting his food up into little pieces. Just can’t remember if that was only in the later years… or if it was a habit that had gone on for awhile. Just happy you are OK. PS… I totally get the random thought of the EMS guys tracking in mud while going through your trauma, you are not crazy 🙂

    Barry Walters
    Holy sh*t! I used to choke regularly on my super-healthy multi-vitamins (I have asthma too) until I switched to the wussy “easy swallow” formula. At least I’m still alive. Glad you are too.

    Chuck Eddy
    Thanks everybody! Julie, that’s interesting about Uncle John, and your own swallowing issues (also dragged-in-mud issues, ha ha). I’m pretty clueless when doctors ask me about family medical histories, given how young my own Mom and Dad passed away, so any information helps. ( Steve, Emily, or Melissa, if you know anything else along those lines in the family, feel free to message me!) And Barry, thanks for the empathy — I don’t have asthma, though; in fact, I don’t even think the sinus sprayer thing I use is technically considered an “inhaler.” But the nurses Saturday were saying that it seems everybody who comes in with this kind of choking problem has been using *something* like that for allergies.

    Phil Dellio
    All I ever seem to do on Facebook is post relevant Seinfeld clip

    Melissa Eddy-Taylor
    Chuck- I am so glad you are ok. I am on the generic for Flucosamine as well for my allergies. Before this- I have been on other types of nasal inhalers. The different ones tend to last a few years- then they stop working for me and try me on something else. I do have swallowing problems too, but not to the extent that you described.

    Erin Black
    Chuck Eddy and Melissa Eddy-Taylor, have either of your doctors mentioned the possibility of eosinophilic esophagitis? My GI did an endoscopy to check for this.

    Chuck Eddy
    Erin — Yeah, the G.I. doctor mentioned that diagnosis as a possibility the other day; guess I’ll know more when I see biopsy results at my followup appointment next Monday. But they already gave me a new prescription for reflux (pantoprazole), which annoys me since I finally kicked the reflux medication habit over a year ago, after using it for a well over a decade, and I’ve barely noticed symptoms since. Plus. using it in the past never prevented swallowing problems, either — in fact, 7 years ago this month I got an endoscopy in N.Y. to figure out what was up with that, and it didn’t find anything. But reflux can also be asymptomatic, supposedly, so who knows? Does sound like this might be hereditary, though, as Julie suggested above. So Melissa, yes, probably worth mentioning to your doctor!

    Jaime Lowe
    CHUCK IM GLAD YOU ARE OK. chickens are better as pets. How terrifying.


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