Other Chuck Eddys

Back in the ’80s I think it was, or possibly even before that in high school, somebody somewhere decided there was something intrinsically drag-racey about my name and I should therefore from hereon refer to myself as “Chuck ‘Hot Rod’ Eddy.” But little did I know then how spot-on that suggestion was: Coincidentally or not, my friend Jaz Jacobi alerted me last week via email to the mid ’50s Car Craft magazine covers above, which might well confuse casual citizens into believing I wrote about cool supercharged automobiles in a previous life — a few years before I was Motor City born, no less.

This pair is just a sample of issues with Chuck’s byline on the cover (i.e., there’s at least one more), which suggests to me he must have been a big deal, or at least a recognizable name, in the realm of rootin’-tootin’ roadsters. Sadly though, I can find zilch whatsoever online about my alter ego who composed those pieces: Where he lived, what else and where else he wrote, how he dressed, what his overall deal was. Still, clearly, my introduction to him provides me as opportune an occasion as any to explore all the other Chuck Eddys in the world (none of whom, as far as I’m aware, are biologically related to me).

Most newsworthily, there’s Chuck Eddy from Lexington, who Ballotpedia says “is running for election to the Kentucky State Senate to represent District 22. He is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022. The Democratic primary for this office on May 17, 2022, was canceled.” He’s easily the Chuck Eddy besides me who I know the most about, because his tweet feed comes up whenever I do a Twitter Advance Search for my name. (Not that I ever do a Twitter Advance Search for my name or anything.) He used to be a moderate (even liberal) Republican until a year or two, when his disgust with Trump finally made him switch over to the side of light.

According to his 4.9K-friend facebook page, Lexington Politician Chuck hails originally from Philadelphia, where he went to Abington High near Jenkintown (where I was a regular at a flea market back in the ’90s) in Montgomery County. He’s retired now, a self-proclaimed “full-time activist” (and part-time call-center worker?) who “studied Marketing at Keller Graduate School of Management” (associated with controversially for-profit DeVry, hmmm), “International relations at Beloit College, Beloit, WI,” and “Japanese Language, Culture, and History at International Christian University, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.”

We agree on an awful lot. “USA was founded as a secular state,” he tweeted after the Supreme Court abortion and praying football coach decisions last month. “I do not want to live in a Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or even a Christian nation.” Also: “One of the biggest equalizers in this country has always been public education. It’s a basic right of every child, no matter their background. Republicans don’t want to see all children get that equal start. They want to take money from public education.” (A youtube ad he made supports public schools, too, and he’s scolded charter-school monetary malfeasance.) And:”Every time I see the video from January 6th, I relive that horrible day in our nation’s history. The former President tried to destroy our 246 year old Democracy & 233 year old Constitutional Republic by blocking the orderly transfer of power. Never again.”

Lexington Chuck, who now and then mixed-up people tag on Twitter assuming he’s me, did argue at least once that to get America back on track we need center-lefts not far-lefts (much less far-rights) running for office, but he goes off on that tangent so rarely that I can’t even find the tweet or post. Also, even then, I got the idea he was mainly just being pragmatic. Especially since (as his LinkedIn page says) his “Republican opponents are hard right incumbent Dr. Donald Douglas and very hard right Andrew Cooperrider,” I really hope Chuck wins.

One state north of Kentucky, there’s the Chuck Eddy who co-owned (with his brother Bob) a Chrysler dealership in Youngstown suburb Austintown, Ohio for almost half a century, since its founding in 1969 until they sold it to the Pittsburgh-based Jim Shorkey Auto Group in 2018. “In recent months the Eddy dealerships encountered financial difficulties that delayed the company’s ability to deliver vehicles in a timely fashion to its customers,” Youngstown’s Business Journal reported that year. “Social media posts from angry customers began to appear and rumors swirled about the cause of the problems.”

For instance on the facebook page for Youngstown’s channel 21 WFMJ, a not-so-satisfied customer named Ed Hegedus wonders, “So does that mean if you buy a car from the new owners you’ll actually be able to take it home that same day instead of being told I’ll come back in three weeks oh come back in another two weeks we’re having problems with the bank financing it yeah they’re holding the title for us we can’t give you the car right now what a bunch of jackasses I’m glad they’re out of business.” Bruce Gaus: “Who bankrupts 3 dealerships in 3 years. Oh wait these guys do.” Ryan McCreary: “Probably one of the worst dealerships in the area. Shaddddyyyy”. You get the idea.

In 2011, there were rumors that Ohio Chuck’s niece Casey Anthony, after a media-saturated jury trial which found her not guilty of first degree murder of her daughter Caylee, was hiding out from the vultures and witch-burners somewhere in Ohio’s Mahoning County, but Chuck denied it. “Eddy’s wife, Kathy, is the sister of George Anthony, Casey’s father,” a local site called The Vindicator explained. “Eddy said that he and his wife have had no contact with Casey Anthony since before Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. Eddy said he is supportive of George Anthony and still angry about the defense team’s allegations during the trial that his brother-in-law molested Casey.” Yikes! (As with most such media circuses, the Chuck Eddy writing this was entirely oblivious due to not paying attention.)

I’m kind of confused because there’s also a Chuck Eddy III whose LinkedIn page says he’s the “General Sales Manager at Diehl Chevrolet / Diehl Toyota” across the state line in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, and he’s also based in Canfield, Ohio. But he just got the job a couple months ago, and he’s clearly much younger. He was a Sales Manager at Bob and Chuck’s store from 2010 to 2018. So maybe Chuck Eddy is really Chuck Eddy Jr.? Unless he’s Chuck Eddy III’s grandpa, in which case an intermediate generation’s missing.

The Kansas City chiropractor Chuck Eddy died at 71 three years ago. “Chuck was extremely active with the Ararat Shrine Temple, Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Native Sons, and countless other organizations,” his Rotary Club obituary raved. “One of Chuck’s many passions was music. He loved to DJ, sing and play the drums. He played with several different bands over the years. The Chuck Eddy Band regularly performed at the Nelson-Adkins Museum. He enthusiastically walked the parking lots of Arrowhead Stadium with Lamar Hunt playing with the Chiefs Tailgate Band. He also donned a kilt and marched and played with both the Ararat Shrine and St. Andrews Bag Pipes and Drums.” Miller Marketing Group promoted him as having “the ability
to bring duo, a trio or additional members to make a full sound at your special event.” And if youtube is any indication, the C.E.B. (let’s call them) also may have had a residency at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Leawood, Kansas. A good deal, especially if Chuck got free steaks!

D.J. Charles-not-Chuck

(By the way I’m mostly avoiding Charles Eddys here — there are just too many, and then I’d have to talk about ’60s Kansas City A’s and New York Mets third baseman Ed Charles and neo-soulish ’90s NYC one-hit duo Charles and Eddie too — but speaking of DJ-ing, I’d be remiss not to mention the Paris-born, now evidently Australia-based Charles Eddy who “can still recall the sounds of Ray Charles, Nina Simone and Toto, ever-present throughout his youth” and “who has a perplexing ability to mix anything from rock’n’roll to electro, soul to house, afro jazz to minimal tec.” But does he ever spin the Chuck Eddy Band?)

On November 22, 2017, Frank Giardina lamented in West Virginia’s Charleston Gazette Mail that “earlier this year, our state lost a former all-state basketball star with the passage of former Parkersburg High star Chuck Eddy,” but the newspaper wanted to charge me money to learn more. Instead I found an funeral obit on the Dignity Memorial site.

Turns out Donzil “Chuck” Lee Eddy was 76 when he passed away. “He was a four sport letterman and was the All-State Captain on the 1958 State Championship Basketball Team,” mourners and survivors are reminded. He went on to shoot hoops at Glenville State, soldier in the Army from 1959 to 1960 (much shorter stint then mine), then teach and coach in Ohio and at his Parkersburg alma mater. Decades later, according to the Big Reds Football site, his son Danny Eddy “played numerous positions, including quarterback, end and kicker, but earned all-state honors in 1983 and 1984 as a defensive back. As a senior he lettered in basketball, baseball and track as well, accomplishing a feat last achieved in 1958 by a young man named Chuck Eddy.” Still don’t know what positions Chuck played.

Mysterious Facebook Chuck

Soundcloud Chuck Eddy, who calls Los Angeles home, includes neither his face nor his music on his page: “Nothing to hear here.” And on facebook there’s a mysterious Chuck Eddy “followed by 98 people,” but I can’t figure out anything about him except that he has plenty of facial hair and lots of people wish him Happy Birthday every December 20 and his buddies Jerry and Bill occasionally post mildly inspirational cartoons and mildly off-color comedy memes on his wall, like for instance a skit about “Brooklyn ball barbers” or a picture where a woman wearing underwear and an over-generous strap-on says “that was the last time Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door.”

Yet more Chuck Eddys, on LinkedIn: “Project Manager CCPM, Minneapolis MN”; “VP HVAC Distribution, Peachtree City GA”; “Marketing and Advertising Professional, Henderson NV”; “Foodservice Director at Mount Prospect Academy, Portland ME”; “Retired Sheriff, Hot Springs Village AR”; Branch Manager Columbus Omini Logistics, Columbus OH. One of whom may or may not be the followed-by-431 “outdoor enthusiast: diving hiking climbing skiing” Chuck Eddy on Instagram, who doesn’t say where he lives but who also has a youtube page that seems to revolve around scuba diving in Lake Superior: “The dives were fun and we captured some nice photos when it started pouring when we got out of the water.” Hard to be certain when people compartmentalize, but given that Lake Superior borders Minnesota and the CCPM Project Manager Chuck and Instagram/youtube Chuck are both bald, I pick that one.

K.C. Chuck (sans band), R.I.P.

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