Poker Face Soundtrack the White Christian Crypto-Nazi Dumbass Revolution

Have yet to identify any Upper Midwest Christian Militia Hard Rock bands (though they’ve gotta be out there — c’mon, Washtenaw County and Sandusky? I wonder if those vigilantes ever do maneuvers at Cedar Point.) But George Smith alerts me to a band named Poker Face “linked to by You go out to their website, they have no comment except to say they think the government is framing the Hutaree. Since the Hutaree are white Christian identity crazies, they’re straight out of the world of The Turner Diaries, which was the best-selling paperback for the National Alliance/National Vanguard.” (For those unfamiliar, I explain the Hutaree below; bear with me.)

Actually, I totally remember Poker Face — from Bethlehem, PA, no less, George’s neck of the woods. (“One of the Lehigh Valley’s longest standing Local Original bands… about 15 years.”) I wrote a couple show previews based on their homemade CDs while I was at the Voice; unsearchable now, especially since the Lady Gaga song but I doubt those preview briefs were ever archived on line in the first place. George’s old journalistic alma mater, the Allentown Morning Call, ran a review of their most recent album, pegged to that “a CD release party is scheduled for Dec. 19 at Lupo’s Beef & Ale, 2149 Reading Road, Allentown. 610-820-5570”: “Far from churning out the usual banal relationship and partying songs, this rocking foursome concentrate on politics, which are libertarian to the max…You might think these guys are pretty far out, although the way the world is now, it is getting harder to say what is crazy and what is the real truth.”

Welp, there sure is plenty of unmistakable nutcase paranoia on the band’s MySpace page– Camp FEMA conspiracies right out of Alex Jones; rants insisting “most organized Jewish groups” “are constantly acting AGAINST Americas interests — Its time to expose them for the scumbags that they are… THEY are complicit in crimes against our country” (i.e., the same obsessed hardcore anti-Zionism flirting with anti-Semitism just like every other show on the Genesis Communication Network — which admittedly also has equally wacky End Times shows insisting that Obama’s abandoned Israel just in time to prove anti-Christ predictions of Revelations accurate); birther stuff (“the illegal alien needs to address and LEAVE the position of POTUS”); 9-11 truther stuff; “James Traficant running again – The real Ron Paul with Balls: Finally – a real American patriot who has balls to stand up to the zionazis running our government.” Hard to say how much is actual Poker Face guys talking, and how much is their fanbase or parroted from elsewhere.

Either way, they oughta tour with Shooter Jennings. (My Napster/Rhapsody review of his 2010 Black Ribbons, for what it’s worth: “Various life changes and a new band inspire Waylon’s outlaw scion to ditch country [save for intermittent hints of guitar twang] and dive full-bore into apocalyptic metal and nuclear-winter grunge in the general vicinity of Alice In Chains, Queensrÿche, Soundgarden, ’90s Metallica, Use Your Illusion, or Buckcherry. Like The Who Sell Out, the set is ambitiously structured as a radio broadcast, only this time with mock DJ Stephen King reciting doomsday police-state rants between songs — which manage to rage more coherently, and pump more melodically, as the album progresses.”)

As for Poker Face, I recall their music being potentially interesting, but never actually good. Myspace sez: “Paul, Dennis, Brett, and Rich formed their love of music from such influences as: Kiss, Styx, the American Youth Symphony and Chior Orchestra, Weather Report, Todd Rudgren [sics galore obviously], King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Al DiMeola, Meatloaf, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, UFO, and Judas Priest…Similar to the acoustic hard rock sound of Alice in Chains or Days of the New, while keeping their roots firmly planted in the melodic classic rock stylings of Boston & Pink Floyd.”

Disclaimer: Hope nobody thinks I’m equating criticism of Israel’s right wing and the Anti-Defamation League with anti-Semitism. I’m pretty critical when it comes to that stuff as well; most sane people are. But Poker Face go way beyond that. As a matter of fact now that I think of it, “flirting with Anti-Semitism” is almost definitely understating things, given their complaints about “how many treasonous dual loyalist Jews have gotten away with their SPYING crimes,” not to mention, uh, “the fraud of the holocaust.” (And in re: Oklahoma, they call Timothy McVeigh “Tom McVay,” insisting he was a patsy who was set up.)

Their MySpace chat board has lots of back-and-forth about Adrian, Michigan-based so-called Christian Patriot warriors the Hutaree, nine of whose members were raided by the FBI in March for a terrorist plot to blow up police among other humans. According to reporting in The Manchester Enterprise, “one of the individuals charged lives in Washtenaw County and is a Manchester Township resident…The largest raid in the region took place in the greater Ann Arbor area at a funeral that several Hutaree members attended. There were also raids in Adrian, as well as in Ohio and Indiana.” From the Poker Face board:

Godgutsguns: It is also not fair to redistribute the hard earned rewards we, not big brother, make for ourselves. They are a gift from our Lord, and we are to use them wisely and share them as needed. That does not mean a socialist prostitute can take our $$ and land and give it to the malcontents that do nothing but take from us and destroy our freedoms!! The freedom loving Americans in Michigan are being railroaded by the NWO thugs in DC!! Who made the lies up and called the feds in the first place?? I don’t think you have to look farther than MI itself.
Pokerkid: GGG.. more like the ADL/SPLC/FUSON centers are in the middle of all of this
Godgutsguns: ADL=PR? 😉
Pokerkid: yup

Pokerkid: Who is the douchebag Lackomar? never heard of him, or his so called SEVM? He looks like a FED. And yes we saw the ABC hit piece yesterday..

Pokerkid: He sounds schooled on what to say from the anti-Americanites of the ADL & SPLC. Kinda reminds me of the actor that was put forth on 911 to describe how the towers came down when no-one knew what was up. The American people need to wake up, Your government is not YOURS but of the GLobalists.

Pokerkid: Do yourselves a favor and look up PROJECT FALCON, COINTELPRO. theres nothing new under the sun. Today the Hutaree on BS charges, tomorrow it will be you and me.

Pokerkid: Lut – sorry i forgot to answer this.. The reason why Hutaree has a link to us, is because when someone asks to use our music for videos, bumper music for your talk show etc… all we ever ask is that you let folks know whose music it is, and how to find us. They did. Like 1000s of others have. We are the musical story tellers of the coming Revolution the Government is purposefully creating by their illegal and unConsitutional actions. Our forefathers are rolling anround in their graves. This is NOT their America.

kyuubikiller: Hutatree on BS charges? Apparently they were conspiring to murder law enforcement officials. I wouldn’t call those anything short of crazy. Lock em up, they can play guns and robbers in a jail cell.

Anon7506: lol only leftists believe that people actually target innocent people and hope it will inspire people to overthrow the government

Anon7506: all they are going to get charged with is illegal weapons charges and no one is going to care the

Anon7506: that they will drop charges on the other things and u will never hear about them again

Anon6411: take the guns, god, and violence out and throw in a little peace and anarchy; and then Hutaree has my support!!

BubbaHoss: when people think the police are the enemy, we have a HUGE problem.

BubbaHoss: Police as a whole are NOT support of the Geovernment.

BubbaHoss: When the Socialist Governement keeps PUSHING god lovimg Americans, we WILL stop and PUSH BACK.

In case it’s not obvious, the SPLC “anti-Americanites” that “Pokerkid” taunts here are from the Southern Poverty Law Center. I didn’t realize they were so demonized, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, given their tracking of militias and white supremacist groups. Blurbs on the Poker Face blog accuse SPLC of “running damage control for the Federal Government” and, if I’m reading it right, even go so far as to connect the Law Center with the Oklahoma City bombing. Hoo boy.

ilxor. com, 30 March – 2 April 2010


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