8 Indie 45s From the ’00s

Written in retrospective hindsight, as explained in more detail here. Cococoma “6 ¼ – 125”/”Take My Time” (2006) Recorded December 2005 in their hometown Chicago, so my release-year guess can’t be too far off. Either way, this speedy, muffled nugget is the sort of revisionist garage punk that genre addicts pretend rocks harder than it does… Continue reading 8 Indie 45s From the ’00s

Metal and Hard Rock Reviews, 2006-’08

Well, at least the rough drafts (notes? I Love Music posts?) seem to originate from the mid ’00s, as do almost all the releases themselves. Rhapsody apparently didn’t technically publish the blurbs until quite a few years later, and I can no longer precisely remember why. Air Conditioning, Dead Rails  These noise hipsters from Allentown,… Continue reading Metal and Hard Rock Reviews, 2006-’08

Country reviews, 2006-’11

Gary Allan, Set You Free Gary Allan has long been one of country’s most velvet-voiced beautiful losers. But on Set Me Free he lets the crazy out, howling psychobilly graveyard threats in “Bones,” interrupting a recovery meeting church organ to blame mental ghosts in “It Ain’t The Whiskey,” vegetating in his hotel room while college… Continue reading Country reviews, 2006-’11

150 Best Albums of 2003

There is no logical reason why this list should seem more presumptuous, self-indulgent and downright ridiculous to me than all the earlier years I’ve catalogued. Just the opposite, really — Given the sheer number of albums released (probably somewhere between 2000’s 35,516 and 2007’s 79,695 according to Billboard), the number that critics in general had… Continue reading 150 Best Albums of 2003

Collage Licks, 2004

18 years later, Department of Eagles is still easily the dullest of these three records (I checked, last week), though 18:51 of Mr. Dibbs’s “Porntablist” is quite the unbearable endurance test. (In immortal words of my friend Michael Hall when he was in Wild Seeds, “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Rock You All Night Long.”) As… Continue reading Collage Licks, 2004