Best Albums of 2022 So Far

(A list in perpetual flux, I hope it goes without saying — expect a few additions, maybe some subtractions and plenty of transpositions. I include a couple very-late-in-2021 titles, though release dates in the streaming age can sometimes be amorphous. 2022 Product reports here; I’ve reconsidered some scores. And clearly, the below tally could go… Continue reading Best Albums of 2022 So Far

Creem, Recurdled

Well what do you know, Creem is back! Again. Good luck to them, but I’m not sure I’ll think they’re “doing it right” until they offer me a regular column. This week’s cover-story-lengthed Detroit Metro Times piece touches on the obsolete “rockn’roll magazine” objections I’m already hearing (Jann “Uhelszki adds that while it will feature… Continue reading Creem, Recurdled

Things I Said on March 28

2012: Apparent horrifying dead-ant infestation across certain sections of the upstairs carpet fortunately turns out to be tiny, uniformly segmented pieces of Navy blue corduroy, from Lalena trimming her pants. Still don’t get how some of the bits crawled all the way out to the hallway, though. 2014: Just collected and froze a whole cup… Continue reading Things I Said on March 28

Pazz & Jop Product Reports, 2022

A post in progress, for however many months are left. See also (and for explanation and/or comparison): 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. PAZZ & JOP PRODUCT REPORT – early February 2022 YEA: Chrome: Scaropy (Cleopatra ’21) 7; Michael Beach: Dream Violence (Goner/Poison City ’21) 5; Divine Horsemen: Hot Rise of an Ice Cream Phoenix (In… Continue reading Pazz & Jop Product Reports, 2022

What’s an Album?

Just noticed Megan Thee Stallion is suing her label over the definition of an album, which I find fascinating since I’ve had arguments with people for decades over the definition of an album. I always stubbornly went with the old Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll rule (album = 3 or more songs adding up… Continue reading What’s an Album?

Nashville Scene Country Critics Poll Ballots, 2003 – 2020

Decided to put these all in one place — One-stop shopping, doncha know. Not sure when the poll started or when I was first invited to vote, but my 2003 ballot is the earliest I’ve been able to find so far. Can’t say I still entirely agree with all of these, especially the further back… Continue reading Nashville Scene Country Critics Poll Ballots, 2003 – 2020