Roxette profile, 1991

Similar to when I interviewed the Pet Shop Boys for the same publication four months earlier, in that both involved highly stressful trips from Philly to a New York that was still terrifyingly foreign territory to me, except that Per Gessle was warmer than Neil Tennant and Marie Fredriksson was colder than Chris Lowe. Though… Continue reading Roxette profile, 1991

Monster Records Metal Reissue Licks, 2004

TRUTH AND JANEY, ERUPTS! In April 1976, an unpretentious numskull trio from some Iowa cowtown recorded this ballroom concert (longest endurance tests 9:05, 8:12, 7:21, 6:51), not issued on double vinyl till the early ’90s, and not on CD till now. To read their backstory, you need their 1,000-pressing 1976 studio LP, No Rest for the… Continue reading Monster Records Metal Reissue Licks, 2004

Xuxa review, 1994

Other X acts on my LP or CD shelves: X, Xavier, Xavion, X-Ray Spex, XTC, X___X. Only the first of those has more records there than Xuxa. L.A. Weekly, 20 May 1994

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Everclear review, 1997

One of my few section-fronting (and therefore longer) lead reviews in Spin. For some reason I don’t get, Generation Xers (or youngers) who write about music do not seem to remember Art Alexakis all that fondly. Perhaps they just weren’t old enough for him at the time. Spin, November 1997

Two reviews of the same 1995 Michael Jackson album

One of the only times this happened: Two entirely different (albeit seeing eye to eye) longer-than-blurb reviews of the same album, contributed to two different publications with minimal shared readership. For deeper investigations of the troubled and troubling superstar in question, one can consult my writings about Dangerous and Blood on the Dancefloor, both collected… Continue reading Two reviews of the same 1995 Michael Jackson album