Glitter Rock beats Glam to the NY Times

I haven’t held under a microscope all 687 pages of the copy of Simon Reynolds’s 2016 tome Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-First Century that I picked up at the late great Ed Ward’s estate sale to verify this, but I’m more and more convinced that almost… Continue reading Glitter Rock beats Glam to the NY Times

Rock & Roll Hall of Facebook

I have never actually cared who gets into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; never will. Made fun of it for years — still think it’s meaningless. But they started sending me ballots several years back, and hey, voting’s kinda fun. As is letting facebook friends try to guess who I’m voting for. For… Continue reading Rock & Roll Hall of Facebook

Teena Marie mash note, 1991

Hadn’t intended to post this here (parts may or may not redundify my infamous top 10 writeup of Emerald City in Stairway to Hell), but Craig Seymour (self-identified “Black gay music critic, Writer/photographer/ archivist/activist, Author: Luther Vandross bio; All I Could Bare: My Life in Strip Clubs & more”) tweeted it yesterday, which makes posting… Continue reading Teena Marie mash note, 1991

Shielding Kids From Pop Culture

One good way to limit kids’ exposure to crass materialism — not 100% successful, in my long parenting experience, since peer factors will eventually come into play, but sometimes successful — is to bring them up going to lots of garage sales and flea markets and thrift stores, so they realize prices in places like malls are a ripoff.… Continue reading Shielding Kids From Pop Culture

Videos I’ve Loved Before

I didn’t notice until today, but last week Alfred Soto posted a list of his favorite music videos ever, after participating in an I Love Music poll calculating the top picks of lots of other folks. Realized I’ve never put together such a list, and I’m not sure how feasible it would be — my… Continue reading Videos I’ve Loved Before

4 Indie 45s From the ’90s

Excerpts from a short-lived monthly column called “Singles Again” (should’ve been “Singles Again Again,” since I’d previously used the same title at the Village Voice) in the online magazine Blurt (after two installments on the Idolator website) in which I started to comb alphabetically (as you can see, I didn’t get very far) through my… Continue reading 4 Indie 45s From the ’90s

Roxette profile, 1991

Similar to when I interviewed the Pet Shop Boys for the same publication four months earlier, in that both involved highly stressful trips from Philly to a New York that was still terrifyingly foreign territory to me, except that Per Gessle was warmer than Neil Tennant and Marie Fredriksson was colder than Chris Lowe. Though… Continue reading Roxette profile, 1991