For current and recent page-turners, check out my What To Read page. Some others I’ve spent time with this year: Kelly J. Baker Gospel According to the Klan (got to page 84); Roy Richard Grinker Nobody’s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness (p. 164); Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling A Libertartian Walks Into a Bear:… Continue reading Nightstanding

Smells Like Teen Nothing #3

I’ve always been fascinated by baseball superstitions — don’t step on the foul line, don’t mention a no-hitter before it’s done, don’t (or do) have sex the day you’re playing, Mark Fidrych talking to the ball and squatting down on all fours to pile up pitching mound dirt just right, Moises Alou urinating on his… Continue reading Smells Like Teen Nothing #3

Creem, Recurdled

Well what do you know, Creem is back! Again. Good luck to them, but I’m not sure I’ll think they’re “doing it right” until they offer me a regular column. This week’s cover-story-lengthed Detroit Metro Times piece touches on the obsolete “rockn’roll magazine” objections I’m already hearing (Jann “Uhelszki adds that while it will feature… Continue reading Creem, Recurdled

Smells Like Teen Nothing #1

My wife and daughter went to Houston for the weekend, which always presents a bit of a quandary. We’ve got a brown-and-white, super cuddly, adorably sad-eyed, eight-year-old-ish female Boston terrier named Gabby; we wound up with her just a few months before the pandemic started after dog-sitting for Boston-terrier-rescuing fire chief Terry down the block,… Continue reading Smells Like Teen Nothing #1

Memory of the Dance

I feel there must be some cosmic significance in the fact that this lovely medieval-woodcut-looking graphic novel about Strasbourg’s dancing plague of 1518 (“Was this a mania, an illness, a case of divine judgement, food poisoning, a plant-induced hallucination, willful heresy, or a deliberate civic rebellion?”) was written by someone named GARETH BROOKES, but I… Continue reading Memory of the Dance