Country Lady Licks, 2004

Fun Fact: The next Elizabeth McQueen and the FireBrands album was an all-pub-rock-covers record, partially inspired by this review! ELIZABETH MCQUEEN & THE FIREBRANDS The Fresh Up Club No confirmation that the two songs addressed to a former love interest no longer in the band concern Asleep at the Wheeler David Sanger, who produced the… Continue reading Country Lady Licks, 2004

John Cougar Mellencamp live review, 1987

Maybe the third best thing I’ve written about the Cougmeister (check my third and fourth books for the first and second best), and still not horrible I don’t think. Surprised I didn’t point out in the corporate sponsorship hypocrisy paragraph that his greatest song is free advertising for Tastee-Freez. My opinion of The Lonesome Jubilee… Continue reading John Cougar Mellencamp live review, 1987

Colourhaus review, 1992

“Forget foxcore,” this starts out. And guess what? I did forget foxcore. I forgot such a thing ever existed, I forget what it was, and I never found out what the fox says…Foxette? Foxygen? Oh fox it, here’s Wikipedia: “Foxcore is a 1990s rock music genre of bands featuring female singers. According to Joanne Gottlieb and… Continue reading Colourhaus review, 1992

Rosanne Cash review, 1987

I’d like to take credit for the caption, but I didn’t write it. Most likely, Bill Holdship, John Kordosh and/or Dave DiMartino did. As for Ms. Cash’s career, this was just before I disboarded — When her songs and sound turned inward on 1990’s Interiors, at #8 Pazz & Jop easily her most critically acclaimed… Continue reading Rosanne Cash review, 1987

Mekons review, 1986

Lester Bangs and Greil Marcus had both been on their side for years, but the Mekons didn’t really catch on with American rock critics until 1985’s Fear and Whiskey. (I have no idea how British critics felt about them, though they don’t seem to have placed on New Musical Express end-of-year lists. David Bowie did… Continue reading Mekons review, 1986

Rolling Country

Six years worth of brainstorms around the I Love Music chatboard water cooler. For hillbillies of earlier vintages, check here and here.

Kid Rock review, 2012

I’ve written about him as much as any musical performer out there starting in the late ’90s, including an extremely long Village Voice piece on Eminem and him that was re-printed in my third book. I was even asked to write his authorized biography (can’t say that about any other artist) when I was a… Continue reading Kid Rock review, 2012