Charlene et. al. review, 1995

An excuse to rave about quite possibly the most ridiculous, brazen, inconceivably over-the-top soliloquy ever to go Top 10. And since you ask, yes I have indeed karaokied it. Did you expect otherwise? Eye Weekly, 25 May 1995

Two reviews of the same 1995 Michael Jackson album

One of the only times this happened: Two entirely different (albeit seeing eye to eye) longer-than-blurb reviews of the same album, contributed to two different publications with minimal shared readership. For deeper investigations of the troubled and troubling superstar in question, one can consult my writings about Dangerous and Blood on the Dancefloor, both collected… Continue reading Two reviews of the same 1995 Michael Jackson album

El DeBarge review, 1992

Contributing to venues like Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, you’re forced to walk a fine line between what you want to say and what they’ll let you get away with. So most of what I wrote for those publications (among others, at which I have less excuse) reads flat to me now. This might be… Continue reading El DeBarge review, 1992