Things I Said on May 25

2014: Finished The Wars Of Reconstruction: The Brief, Violent History of America’s Most Progressive Era by Douglas R. Egerton last night; final two chapters were easier than the rest, which may indicate I’m a bigger historiography fan than previously assumed. Halfway through The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault On America’s Children by… Continue reading Things I Said on May 25


Top 5 Reasons I Still Don’t Get Texas Barbecue Joints: (1) It is impossible not to feel under pressure and self-conscious standing up there trying to figure out which of 6+ always passably but never overwhelmingly attractive species of meat to order as a line of hungry people forms behind me. (2) Side orders (beans,… Continue reading Bar-B-QAnon

Old Man Yells at Socks

So, can somebody please explain the current state of men’s sock fashion to me? I was in a room with maybe 15 other male grownups yesterday, in 85 degree early summer Austin where male grownups aren’t scared to wear shorts, and I was wearing shorts too but near as I could tell I was also… Continue reading Old Man Yells at Socks

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‘Til the Sea Cows Come Home

Manatees were briefly in the news in recent months on account of wildlife officials successfully convincing some of the ones inhabiting the Atlantic coast of Florida to eat lettuce as a hopefully temporary replacement for the sea grass that pollution has helped deplete 90 percent of — an urgent fix since apparently almost 13 percent… Continue reading ‘Til the Sea Cows Come Home

Pro-Life During Wartime

Earlier this week, the Washington Post editorial board scolded people for protesting the imminent overturning of Roe v. Wade in front of justices’ (specifically, John Roberts’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s) homes, even though, at least in Kavanaugh’s case, the march was apparently organized by his neighbors, in their own suburban Washington neighborhood, on public property. Ex-Obama… Continue reading Pro-Life During Wartime