Yearbook of Kings

So, did anybody I know attend a high school where every graduating senior had his or her own “personal page” in the yearbook? I’ve never even heard of that before — closest thing I’ve seen is National Lampoon‘s 1964 High School Yearbook parody (C. Estes Kefauver High in Dacron, Ohio), where there were five profiles… Continue reading Yearbook of Kings

Poker Face Soundtrack the White Christian Crypto-Nazi Dumbass Revolution

Have yet to identify any Upper Midwest Christian Militia Hard Rock bands (though they’ve gotta be out there — c’mon, Washtenaw County and Sandusky? I wonder if those vigilantes ever do maneuvers at Cedar Point.) But George Smith alerts me to a band named Poker Face “linked to by You go out to their website, they have… Continue reading Poker Face Soundtrack the White Christian Crypto-Nazi Dumbass Revolution

Trumpmare Minus 5 Months

Curious how people are dealing with not just friends, but family members who they suspect might be planning to vote for Donald Trump. To be clear: I don’t know for sure whether any of mine are. Really not sure whether I want to know. Unlike a lot of you, and maybe this means I live… Continue reading Trumpmare Minus 5 Months

January 6 Minus 3 Months

Donald Trump did not denounce white supremacy in last night’s debate — He did the opposite, and white supremacists know it. Later in the shitshow, he invited followers to stand outside polling places on election day to guard against supposed (but actually barely existent) voter fraud — in other words, to intimidate people exercising their… Continue reading January 6 Minus 3 Months

9-11 for K-5s

So, is it now an anniversary morning-assembly commonplace to show elementary school kids (pre-K through 5th Grade in this case) 9-11 plane crash footage and tell them lots and lots of people were killed that day? Was really surprised to have my six-year-old come home and tell me about it today; she wasn’t traumatized, just… Continue reading 9-11 for K-5s

Kenundrum in Kenosha

My friend Mike Freedberg is saying Joe Biden needs to step up and denounce the looting and vandalism in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I don’t know about that. Seems to me, if he hasn’t done so already (it’s impossible to keep up), Joe Biden needs to step up and denounce the right wing vigilante who murdered two… Continue reading Kenundrum in Kenosha

Passion Plaint

Trying to wrap my head around the idea that my high school German class, in one of the most Jewish suburbs in Metropolitan Detroit if not the entire U.S., visited Passion Play Central in Oberammergau when we flew to Munich for a few days my junior year, 1977. I suppose international class trips are scheduled… Continue reading Passion Plaint


For current and recent page-turners, check out my What To Read page. Some others I’ve spent time with this year: Kelly J. Baker Gospel According to the Klan (got to page 84); Roy Richard Grinker Nobody’s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness (p. 164); Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling A Libertartian Walks Into a Bear:… Continue reading Nightstanding