Singles reviews, 1982

As far as I remember, the first singles roundup I ever wrote – for my college paper, senior year at University of Missouri-Columbia. Callow and corny, but my once-new wave tastes are already stretching across the map — including to protest rap, months before “The Message.” maneater, 1982

Shania Twain single review, 1995

Well, sort of a Shania Twain single review. Ostensibly. In Phil Dellio’s Top 40-oriented fanzine Radio On, see, you could write pretty much anything and call it a review, and doubt I ever stretched the definition farther. Also maybe among the more embarrassing things I’ve written. Names redacted for privacy’s sake, just like in its… Continue reading Shania Twain single review, 1995

25 Excellent “Bad” Cover Versions

There are bad cover versions and….There are cover versions you only think are bad, because they sound wrong on paper, since they come from artists or genres who get even less respect than Rodney Dangerfield. Thing is, sometimes it takes a artists and genres like those to bring a song back to life, assuming the… Continue reading 25 Excellent “Bad” Cover Versions

50 Worst Cover Versions Ever*

*First off, to get out the way what should be obvious – All “worst music ever” lists are a lie, and “worst cover versions ever” lists are even more so, since chances are the real most horrible stuff ever came from talentless no-name bar bands and coffee-shop strummers from nowhere who deservedly went nowhere —… Continue reading 50 Worst Cover Versions Ever*

Singles Again: A Time to Refrain from Embracing

  “My wish for 2001: The Voice goes easy on teenpop and bad metal coverage,” Sasha Frere-Jones pleaded in his P&J ballot. And ignore where the action is? Not a chance. Anyway, the previous Singles Again column concentrated on teenpop. So guess what? Papa M: “Turn, Turn, Turn” Mailed out as a promotional Christmas card (its green-and-red label… Continue reading Singles Again: A Time to Refrain from Embracing