Halloweek 2016, Eve of a Nightmare

The nation is split between people who get a lot of trick-or-treaters and people who hardly get any trick-or-treaters. We have isolated ourselves into entirely different neighborhoods. But maybe we need to talk more. (Oops, I left out people who have no idea how many trick-or-treaters they get ’cause they’re out with their kids trick-or-treating!)… Continue reading Halloweek 2016, Eve of a Nightmare

Creem, Recurdled

Well what do you know, Creem is back! Again. Good luck to them, but I’m not sure I’ll think they’re “doing it right” until they offer me a regular column. This week’s cover-story-lengthed Detroit Metro Times piece touches on the obsolete “rockn’roll magazine” objections I’m already hearing (Jann “Uhelszki adds that while it will feature… Continue reading Creem, Recurdled