Eve Moon review, 1981

Stupid, sexist, and wrong-headed in so many ways, except the way that says this guitaring New York singer-songwriter’s one and only album (which I assume must’ve just arrived randomly at the college newspaper office) wasn’t especially good. Also, inadvertently funny. maneater, 1981

What is New Wave??

And now, something completely ridiculous for the time capsule: Written in straight grey pseudo-objective journalismese, an attempt to explain to squaresville suburban Detroit weekly newspaper readers what exactly is this new wave punk rock stuff they keep hearing about. Some of the predictions are pretty amusing: “no new wave band will ever achieve the mass… Continue reading What is New Wave??

Blondie review, 1981

College, senior year. I guess I just liked the exercise of reviewing a best-of collection — especially one I didn’t technically own. In retrospect, given the essentiality of their first four albums, seems like it’d be pretty redundant. As for Autoamerican, I’ve always been fine with a 45 of “Rapture.” Not sure I’ve ever even… Continue reading Blondie review, 1981

A Tale of Two Ballplayers

My first journalistic focus was sports, which I got the opportunity to cover during two college summer breaks for an upper Oakland County, Michigan suburban weekly inexplicably known as the Spinal Column. (Years before, even before I delivered the early-morning daily Detroit Free Press, my first hired job was carrying the Spinal Column on Wednesday… Continue reading A Tale of Two Ballplayers

Singles reviews, 1982

As far as I remember, the first singles roundup I ever wrote – for my college paper, senior year at University of Missouri-Columbia. Callow and corny, but my once-new wave tastes are already stretching across the map — including to protest rap, months before “The Message.” maneater, 1982