OPB: Other People’s Blogs

Eric Alterman (American Prospect)

Aquarium Drunkard

Arc Digital

Dean Baker (Beat The Press)

Bandcamp Best Metal

Jonathan Bogart

Jamelle Bouie (NY Times)

Kevin John Bozelka

Tom Breihan (Number Ones)

The Bulwark

Robert Christgau

Paul Cobaugh (Truth About Threats)


Daniel Cordova (Weekly Metal Injection)

Steve Crawford (reviews Creem issue by issue)

Dame Magazine

Dangerous Minds

Phil Dellio

Chauncey DeVega (Salon)

Kristin Du Mez

Dan Epstein (Big Hair and Plastic Grass)

Tom Ewing (Popular)

Freaky Trigger

Mary Gaitskill (Out Of It)

The Girllustrators

Girl Who Can’t Smell

Michelle Goldberg (NY Times)

Jeet Heer (The Nation)

Tom Hull

Christian Iszchack

Alec Karakatsanis (Copaganda)

Frank Kogan

Paul Krugman (NY Times)

Damon Linker (Eyes on the Right)

Steve M. (No More Mr. Nice Blog)

Greil Marcus @ Substack

Michaelangelo Matos (Beat Connection)

Media Matters

Dana Milbank (Washington Post)

Chris Monsen (Perfect Sounds)

Dave Moore (No The Other Dave Moore)

Mother Jones

Daddy B. Nice (Southernsoulrnb.com)

The 19th

Phil Overeem (Living to Listen)

Steve Pick

Playlist (NY Times)

The Plum Line (Washington Post)

Diane Ravitch

Simon Reynolds

Heather Cox Richardson


Aaron Rupar (Public Notice)

The Singles Jukebox

The Soapbox (New Republic)


Alfred Soto (Humanizing the Vacuum)

Jeffrey St. Clair (Counterpunch)

Chi Chi Thalken (Scratched Vinyl)

The Unpopulist

Jessica Valenti (All In Her Head)

Elijah Wald

Josh Wilker (Cardboard Gods)

Jim Wright

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