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150 Best Albums of 2008

It was the Barack Obama of times, it was the Sarah Palin of times. In retrospect maybe we should have put two and two together and figured out where the potential first Black president on the top of one party’s ticket and the know-nothing Tea Party huckster on the bottom of the other party’s might… Continue reading 150 Best Albums of 2008

Smokin’ OPs

So I’m just about to stash away at the top of the closet the super-generous box of early ’80s OP magazines (the predecessor of the much more staid and seemingly market-researched Option) that Clifford Ocheltree gifted me through the mail last month (18 of the 26 alphabetically themed issues, in excellent condition), and I’m sitting… Continue reading Smokin’ OPs

Big Tech: What We Worry?

Six years ago today, 11 days after Donald Trump was nominated the Republican candidate for President, I perhaps presciently wondered on facebook: “Sincere question for anybody on the far left, far right, far middle, wherever: Why are trade deals like TPP a constant issue in this election cycle but technocratic ‘innovation’ (which seems to me… Continue reading Big Tech: What We Worry?