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Yearbook of Kings

So, did anybody I know attend a high school where every graduating senior had his or her own “personal page” in the yearbook? I’ve never even heard of that before — closest thing I’ve seen is National Lampoon‘s 1964 High School Yearbook parody (C. Estes Kefauver High in Dacron, Ohio), where there were five profiles… Continue reading Yearbook of Kings

Best Albums of 2022 So Far

(A list in perpetual flux, I hope it goes without saying — expect a few additions, maybe some subtractions and plenty of transpositions. I include a couple very-late-in-2021 titles, though release dates in the streaming age can sometimes be amorphous. 2022 Product reports here; I’ve reconsidered some scores. And clearly, the below tally could go… Continue reading Best Albums of 2022 So Far

If a Nun Should Appear

Woke up couple days ago trying to remember the entire lyrics to the pre-juvenile delinquent junior high class clown classics “Glory Glory Hallelujah Teacher Hit With Me With a Ruler,” “Fight Our Teachers’ Battles With Spitballs Gum and Clay” and “Run Run Run I Think I Hear a Nun (If a Nun Should Appear Say… Continue reading If a Nun Should Appear