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Writerly Wroots

Raymond Cummings just asked his facebook friends an excellent question that I’m amazed nobody has ever asked me before: “Who were the most important writers of your youth? Let’s make the cut off point age 13 or so (13 is the intended ceiling).This can mean: Novelists Comedians Cartoonists Lyricists Poets Comic book authors Etc” This… Continue reading Writerly Wroots

International Trade

Had no idea ’til yesterday (or maybe forgot a couple generations ago) that Minnie Miñoso was once traded (from the White Sox to the then-Indians in 1957) for Early Wynn. Somebody more fluent in useless ancient baseball trivia should correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume this is the only time in history that… Continue reading International Trade

Choking The Chicken

My Exciting Saturday: Brought home 2 rotisserie chickens from H.E.B, and in the process of taking them apart, decided to break off a succulent little piece and pop it into my mouth. Except turns out it wasn’t so little. Lodged in my throat, and wouldn’t wash down with a glass of water like the hundred… Continue reading Choking The Chicken