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Snitches and Boogeymen

A deluded and ignorant populace convinced they’re patriots (what you’ll get if you whitewash American history like all the states whining about what they think is but probably isn’t Critical Race Theory want to do) + Official propagation of bogus voter fraud conspiracy theories (such as via the Supreme Court’s disastrous pro-voter suppression ruling last… Continue reading Snitches and Boogeymen

Smells Like Teen Nothing #3

I’ve always been fascinated by baseball superstitions — don’t step on the foul line, don’t mention a no-hitter before it’s done, don’t (or do) have sex the day you’re playing, Mark Fidrych talking to the ball and squatting down on all fours to pile up pitching mound dirt just right, Moises Alou urinating on his… Continue reading Smells Like Teen Nothing #3

150 Best Albums of 2007

In October 2007 Sasha Frere-Jones published a 3500-word essay titled “A Paler Shade of White” in The New Yorker, lamenting how indie rock had forfeited the rhythmic and vocal inspiration from Black music that had made rock’n’roll special in the first place and later distinguished the post-punk Frere-Jones himself had fallen for during his own… Continue reading 150 Best Albums of 2007