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Gnu Zoo Review

Is there a website or app or something that lets you know which animals are in which zoos? Like, where you could write in “numbat” and “San Diego Zoo” and see if one or more live there? Or else maybe just a spreadsheet or whatever that alphabetically lists all the animals on the Y axis… Continue reading Gnu Zoo Review

How We Wrote

Inspired by a December New Yorker piece on “distraction-free devices” — i.e., apps designed to help writers focus — longtime Boston music writer and critic Jim Sullivan asked on facebook this morning about his fb friends “old-school linear writing” experiences: “I look at some of those stories now and wonder how I put them together… Continue reading How We Wrote

8 Indie 45s From the ’00s

Written in retrospective hindsight, as explained in more detail here. Cococoma “6 ¼ – 125”/”Take My Time” (2006) Recorded December 2005 in their hometown Chicago, so my release-year guess can’t be too far off. Either way, this speedy, muffled nugget is the sort of revisionist garage punk that genre addicts pretend rocks harder than it does… Continue reading 8 Indie 45s From the ’00s