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150 Best Albums of 1981

First to address the pachyderm in the parlor (mastodon in the master bedroom?), yes it is obviously true that “Waiting for a Girl Like You” and “Waiting on a Friend” are, functionally, the exact same power ballad. But that doesn’t mean Foreigner’s 4 is as good as the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You, even if “Emotional”Continue reading “150 Best Albums of 1981”

Queen Will Funk and Punk You

When it first charted in the States – on November 26, 1977, this writer’s 17th birthday, and exactly one year after the Sex Pistols released “Anarchy In The U.K.”– Queen’s sixth album News Of The World was widely touted as a back-to-basics reining in of the band’s more brazenly ornate and bohemianly rhapsodic multi-part-epic tendencies.Continue reading “Queen Will Funk and Punk You”

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