Baader Meinhof review, 1997

Can’t argue with 100% certainty that he’s a better singer than say the Suede guy or a better songwriter than say the Pulp guy, but as melodicists they don’t come close, and Luke Haines would remain my favorite ’90s Britpop auteur (small praise, but still) even if that wasn’t his primary band’s name. The album reviewed here is his best one. Sometime fairly soon after, I’m pretty sure, Britpop officially ended.

L.A. Weekly, 16 May 1997

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  1. via facebook:

    John Ned
    too bad Luke Haines never drove around in a purple Porsche like the one Andreas Baader was driving when he got arrested.

    Graham Ashmore
    Re his attitude toward Baader Meinhof, he did call them “idiots,” or some such word, in an interview.

    Sara Quell

    Sara Quell


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